Direct access

When it comes to dental health we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and with a better understanding of hygiene you can play a big part in managing your oral health to keep your natural teeth looking and feeling great for life.

Contemporary Dental offers direct access hygienist appointments without the need to see a dentist first. You don’t even need to be registered with our practice. So if you have any concerns about your overall oral health, or if you feel you need to brighten and refresh your teeth and gums, we’d be happy to see you. Our hygienist can help with many different areas of dental care:


  • thoroughly assess the gumline for any early warning signs
  • remove any calculus (tartar) from the root of the tooth to protect against gum disease
  • clean and polish the teeth using modern ultrasound technology to remove any hardened plaque. Not only will this will brighten the teeth, the smoother surface will reduce the chance of further plaque from forming


  • demonstrate the most effective ways to clean teeth and the hard to reach areas between the teeth
  • offer advice on food and drink that will prolong the life of the natural teeth
  • offer fissure sealants to younger patients to prevent dental decay


  • cosmetic polish to remove surface staining from the teeth

Contact us today to book your hygienist appointment. A few appointments may be all you need to improve your oral health. Book online or call us on 01392 490949 to arrange an appointment.