Cosmetic dentistry

Our expert team is committed to keeping our patients’ teeth healthy, strong and looking their best. To fully achieve this, there are three strands to our dentistry – prevention, restoration and cosmetics.

Our preventative approach to dental health is designed to maintain a high standard of oral health and reduce the chances of problems developing. There will however be times when the teeth need to be restored to repair damage and ensure they continue to function effectively.

Our specialist practitioners at Contemporary Dental are qualified to take dentistry one step further and this is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Cosmetic dentistry is the aesthetic restoration of natural teeth using the latest technology. It is designed to create a great appearance alongside the all-important functional elements of dental strength and health.

What can we help with?

We offer a range of cosmetic solutions to keep your teeth looking their best, using precise cosmetic dentistry techniques that are less invasive than you might expect. Our treatments will help if you would like to:

If you are considering treatment our experienced team will work with you to create a natural-looking, healthy, attractive smile that you can be proud of.