Gold inlays and crown

Gold has been used in dentistry for many years as it is an excellent material for restoring teeth. A gold inlay or crown is a casting of gold alloy. For proven durability, gold is the longest lasting material and as well as being highly resistant to wear, it is also gentle against adjacent teeth.

An inlay is a type of filling that, similar to a crown, is formed in a dental laboratory and bonded to the tooth to restore its natural shape. In many instances they are the best way to restore a badly damaged tooth. We use gold as a crown or inlay to repair or replace large fillings because it is a very strong material and this makes it ideal for people with a very strong bite if they need to restore a back tooth.

Distinctive in appearance

Gold can look beautiful in the mouth and gives a distinctive appearance to the wearer. It is traditionally seen as a symbol of wealth and status. The soft warm tones merge with the surrounding tissues and natural shade of the teeth, we find a number of our patients prefer the appearance of gold in the teeth.