Fee guide

The fees listed below are provided as a guide. The cost will vary according to the complexity of treatment so after we have assessed your oral health and talked through your options we will be able to provide you with specific costs.

New patient assessment
(includes a comprehensive dental check and thorough hygiene clean)
Implant consultation
Reveal Zoom/Virtual straightening consultation
Reveal straightening consultation
New Patient Whitening Package (includes a comprehensive dental check and thorough hygiene clean, as well as a take home whitening kit)
Routine examination
Routine examination – child (under 10-years-old)
Routine examination – child (under 18-years-old)
30-minute Hygiene appointment
60-minute Hygiene appointment
Direct access hygiene
Non-registered emergency appointment
Composite (white) fillings
From £100
From £134
Root canal treatment
From £400
From £700
Porcelain veneers
From £700
Bridges (per unit)
From £700
Full upper and lower dentures
From £1,300
Partial denture (chrome)
From £1,200
Fully restored dental implant (each)
From £3,500
Reveal Teeth Straightening (clear aligners) - Price includes teeth whitening and retainers
From £3,000
Take home whitening
Zoom! Philips In Surgery whitening
New Patient Whitening Package
including a new patient examination, a 30 minute hygiene clean and take home whitening for our brightest, whitest smile
£27 per month
This package includes one dental exam and two hygiene cleans, as well as two whitening gel tops-ups to keep your smile gleaming
£18 per month
This package includes one dental exam and one hygiene clean, as well as one whitening gel top-ups to maintain your smile at home
IV sedation (per appointment)
Failed appointments or late cancellations (*less than 24 hours)
£15 per 10 minutes
*Our cancellation policy: we ask that patients provide us with 48 hours' notice of cancellation. If this is not given we reserve the right to charge £15 per 10 minutes of the appointment length


Our usual method is to pay for the dental care you have had on the day you receive it. Payment may be made by debit or credit card, alternatively we can accept BACS transfer.

We can accept payment in advance for a whole course of treatment. If you decide to do this we offer a 5% discount on treatment totalling more than £400.

There are alternatives including an interest free credit plan, offering a range of payment options allowing you to choose the one best suited to your circumstances.

We are always happy to discuss these and any concerns you may have.