Visiting the dentist

After their first examination at about two and half years old, we like to see children every six months. It is important to regularly assess children’s dental health because they are in a continuous process of development while they are growing. They are more prone to decay and early treatment is easier and more successful.

From about six years old their first teeth start to make way for adult teeth. At this age we also apply fluoride varnish to the teeth. This is a quick and completely painless process where a fluoride coating is painted onto the biting surface of the teeth for added protection.

Once the adult teeth begin to grow, we closely monitor their orthodontic development noting the position of the newly emerging adult teeth and checking the growth of the jaw for potential problems.

With young people we focus heavily on prevention and early diagnosis. Healthy habits established during childhood result in improved oral health and a lower level of dental intervention later in life. As your child enters the teenage years, we may recommend a visit to the hygienist for some lessons in oral health alongside a clean and polish.