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Crowns are used to restore a tooth when it is damaged or unsightly. They can give a dramatic improvement to your smile!

Most crowns on front teeth are made entirely of very hard porcelain, but occasionally they are still made with porcelain bonded on to a thin thimble of metal. These are called bonded crowns, and, unfortunately, if they are not done well, they may show a slight greyness or grey line at the margin next to the gum.

Crowns on back teeth are used where a tooth is heavily filled and needs a stronger restoration.

Your friends should not be able to tell you have crowns – they should look like natural teeth. If you have crowns which don’t match your own teeth – maybe they are the wrong colour, or in a poor position – we can help!

We work with the best laboratories and dental technicians to achieve the most amazing results for our clients – we do for you what we would want for ourselves.

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