A crown is used to cover and protect a damaged tooth so that it blends perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Made from hard wearing porcelain, a crown will dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of a tooth. They are an ideal solution when there is significant damage to the tooth.

Why choose a crown?

Dental crowns are a long-term durable solution. They act as a protective cover to ‘cap’ the healthy remaining section of the natural tooth. We may recommend crowns to replace a large filling, restore a fracture, protect a tooth following root canal therapy or cover a tooth that is discoloured or mis-shapen.

How are crowns fitted?

The tooth is thoroughly examined to make sure that it is strong enough to support a crown and the tooth is reshaped. We take digital scans of the affected area to ensure the shape, size and colour are a perfect match with the surrounding teeth. At this stage we fit a temporary restoration – a realistic looking short-term solution to conceal and protect the damaged tooth while your bespoke crown is being produced.

Using the digital scans a ceramic restoration is created by skilled technicians to perfectly fit over your damaged tooth. Finally you return to the practice to complete the restoration. With good care a crown can last a lifetime, we offer aftercare and advice to help you keep your new crown and the supporting tooth in the best possible condition.