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We offer direct access to our hygienist, so you don’t have to see a dentist first. Contact us today to book your hygienist appointment.


The purpose of hygiene therapy is to ensure a healthy mouth and stop the process of gum disease, preventing it from progressing any further.  We will involve you in the success of your treatment, by helping you understand the process and how you can be proactive in managing your oral health.

If your gums are a little swollen and you sometimes notice bleeding when you brush your teeth, a few appointments with our Hygienist, Sarah, may be all you need to get your mouth healthy again.  You can book on line or call us on 01392 490949 to arrange an appointment directly with Sarah.


If your gums are sore and swollen, you experience bleeding regularly, and you notice a bad taste in your mouth, you may need to see our hygienist for a series of longer appointments.  Sarah will assess the level of disease and thoroughly clean your teeth, including removing any plaque build-up below the gum-line.

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