Jaw joint pain

Our jaws work hard every day to help us talk, eat, drink and even breathe. Yet we don’t think about this joint unless it starts to cause issues. Many people, when they experience jaw pain, make an appointment with their doctor but with our specialist knowledge of facial anatomy, structure and the way muscles work dentists are often better qualified to diagnose and treat jaw problems.

For the jaws to align a combination of joints and muscles have to be positioned correctly. Even a slight misalignment can cause pain that begins in the jaw but extends to other parts of the face, ears head and neck. It can be caused by problems that have been present from birth, or it could be triggered following trauma to the jaw. Excessing grinding or clenching of the teeth can also be a factor. Treatment can take many different forms depending on the severity of the problem, from physio exercises through to complex bite splints. Only a small percentage of cases will ever require surgery.