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Teeth Whitening

1Tooth whitening is now very popular and can make a dramatic improvement to your smile. It does no damage to your teeth and can be repeated as much as you wish.

It involves the use of a gel which releases hydrogen peroxide which percolates into the tooth and bleaches out the staining. It will not work on crowns except on surface staining. The only downside sometimes is a bit of sensitivity which is temporary and soon goes.

With home whitening you have impressions taken for models on which are constructed the “trays” which are like thin gum shields. You place the gel in them and wear the trays for at least three hours per day – most usually at night for about 10-14 days. With any sensitivity you just leave off for a night or two. You of course have to avoid black coffee, red wine etc. during that period. We recommend a thorough scaling and polishing with our hygienists beforehand.

“Power whitening”, sometimes called “Laser” whitening is an in surgery procedure where we carefully use a much stronger gel over a period of about an hour and a quarter. We isolate the teeth from the lips and gum and do two or three applications for ten minutes with a rinse off and rest between. During the ten minute periods a very bright bluish white light is placed close to your teeth. Our light is oil cooled so that it is not too hot being so close to your face.

As part of the in surgery whitening package we include the home whitening kit for topping up.

All our clients so far have been delighted with the results.

Click here for more information about Quickwhite tooth whitening.

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