Anti wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle treatment is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK today. This subtle but highly effective treatment works to smooth out visible lines and wrinkles to enhance your appearance and reveal a younger-looking you.

What is involved in the treatment?

Our anti-wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical treatment where a small concentration of purified protein is gently injected into the area to be treated using a very fine needle. Our anti-wrinkle treatment is a prescription-only treatment that can only be prescribed after a full anti-wrinkle treatment consultation. The effects can be very subtle or more noticeable depending on the quantity but, when administered by our qualified team, will not change your overall appearance. You will retain your full range of facial expressions at the same time as minimising lines and wrinkles.

How are anti-wrinkle treatments used?

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead or around the eyes, we inject a small dose of prescription product into a targeted area. This blocks the signals between the nerves and the muscles, relaxing the muscles to effectively smooth the skin.

The treatment gradually takes effect over a week to ten days. After two or three weeks it will be working fully. The effects last, on average, around three to four months but can last up to six months in some people. The results are subtle and natural looking – an improvement in the skin rather than perfection.

For facial aesthetic treatments we always provide a bespoke consultation before any work is undertaken to learn more about your skin, your needs and to make sure the treatment and results are suited to you.