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What do you use your teeth for?

Recently, Bob and I attended for our routine eye tests.  While I was waiting my turn, I was reading a magazine, minding my own business, when I heard one of the team at Boots opticians say to Bob “What do you use your eyes for?” I fell about laughing – it seemed such a daft question!  Well, he uses them for seeing – obviously.

What she meant, of course, was did he read a lot, did he do any sports, did he work with computers, did he watch TV or play video games?  She needed to know about his life and what was important to him.

Once I’d stopped laughing, I thought that perhaps we should ask our patients “what do you use your teeth for?”

Well, there are the obvious things like eating, smiling and speaking, but having a healthy mouth can make a real difference to our lives.  Our relationships, our confidence, our careers, our social lives and our overall health – they all can be improved and enhanced when our mouths are healthy and pain free.

Gum disease has been shown to be a contributing factor in many health problems from digestive disorders to stroke, heart disease and diabetes, so a visit to our hygienist means so much more than just a brighter smile.

Poorly fitting dentures can be a real problem, but did you know we can use implants to secure bridges and dentures?  Enjoying your meals, and perhaps going out to dinner, can be part of your life again!

Our website is full of useful information and advice – a good place to start if you’re considering treatment.  Or just call us on 01392 490949, and any member of our team will be pleased to help.

If budgeting for your dental care is important to you, have you considered joining Denplan? Fees start from as little as £15 a month, to cover your routine examinations and hygiene appointments.

  • Denplan patients receive a 10% discount on treatment fees! (excluding implants or surgical procedures).
  • All Denplan patients qualify for a 3 year guarantee on restorative work (not including root canal treatment) providing they attend regularly!
  • Denplan membership includes worldwide emergency cover.

If you are interested in joining Denplan, just email us or speak to our reception team and we will be pleased to help – have a look at the dental plan section on our website.  Denplan is an excellent way to look after your oral health, as well as offering extra benefits.

And don’t forget 0% Finance is still available to our patients as a payment option for treatment plans with a value of more than £500.  We use Finance4Patients to allow our clients to budget for the treatment they need, rather than having to delay their appointments.

  • Looking after your teeth is one of the best ways to look after yourself
  • If you can eat, talk, sing, smile, and laugh out loud then you are well on the way to being a healthy and happy individual.

We believe passionately in what we do – we know it makes a difference! 2017 could be your year…

Let us make the difference. Why wouldn’t you?

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