Update to our fees

To be able to return to work with appropriate safety measures in place, our operating procedures have been extensively revised to meet requirements in our post-covid-19 world.

Changes to the way we now work include:

*a reduced number of patients in the practice at the same time
*fallow periods (after Aerosol Generating Procedures – AGP) when surgeries must be empty for a set period of time
*a ‘runner nurse’ for some procedures, in addition to the nurse assisting in the surgery
*increased expenditure on specialised cleaning products, equipment and time for staff to carry out additonal cleaning between every patient
*additional personal protective equipment (PPE), including visors, gowns and fit-tested respirator masks

The main risk with our treatments is through aerosols. An aerosol is a very fine spray which can be created through speaking, coughing or squeezing which is the reason Public Health England have advised a 2-metre social distancing rule during this pandemic. This spray can stay in the air for a period of time and can be breathed in by others and land on surfaces which can transmit the infection to others.

Unfortunately, a machine used regularly during hygiene appointments is known as an Ultra-Sonic Scaler, some patients might refer to this as the machine that sprays water, this creates an aerosol which is not generally a risk to patient’s health unless the patient is contagious with an infection such as Covid-19. We can still use this machine, but we will need to follow strict guidelines to ensure that the aerosol has completely dispersed, and the environment has been completely disinfected.

This means that we need to increase the cost of our 30 minute hygiene appointment to £95 to allow for the addtional PPE, cleaning and then fallow period after each appointment. After careful consideration we have decided it is necessary to implent this fee increase and we hope this will help you understand the need to make this change.

Sadly we’re do know that an increase in our fees may deter some patients from booking their routine appointments. We hope that this is not the case, as we know regular dental care helps people maintain better oral health, but we can understand if patients are reluctant to visit or deterred by the additional cost.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

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